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Techno derivation is known as the mean stack development company. work in Mean Stack development, the structure in an enterprise web application process is based on the MVC architecture for focusing on logic, presentation, and data. Different frameworks and tools are deployed to handle each tier. MEAN stack is the power that brings for your major tools together for a rapid development of javascript even in the complex web application development process.
MEAN is a for MongoDB,Express.js, Angular js, and Node.js. It is a full-stack developer in javascript solution for developing fast, scalable and efficient web applications. MEAN stack designed a pattern of MVC (model view controller) further strengthens this stack for better and robust designing The four elements of mean stack are backed by a strong community of developers. The stack in javascript is used as the main programming language.Techno derivation, with our expertise in this domain, we have helped many clients in the development of the perfect technology solution suffering their business needs. mean stack developer are adept at creating high performance and lightweight web application for scalable API, e-commerce websites

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  • Cloud Integration

    MongoDB comes equipped with automatic sharding and complete cluster support. Given the comfort with which apps can be developed, tested, and hosted in the cloud, Mongo DB is a wise choice for database system.

  • Better Performance

    The Node.js development projects can be of extremely high load with fast response and quick scalability options. Node.js operates non-blocking input-output to deal with new incoming requests proficiently.

  • JavaScript Excellence

    MEAN Stack is a common language for both client & server-side, and the development process is easy as written in JavaScript. Further, to make reclaiming code easy from back-end to front-end, pairing with Angularjs helps to attain the same.

  • Cost Effective

    With MEAN stack developing all type of project is possible and cost-effective for large-scale projects to use MEAN stack. The costing is reduced with MEAN Stack, as hiring multiple developers is not necessary.

  • Open-Source

    All four technologies in MEAN stack are open-source in nature, hence available at free of cost. Availing benefits for several departments and upgraded version by huge community of programmers.

  • Angular JS

    Angular.JS is a JavaScript framework front-end development tool used for developing single-page applications. It facilitates to add AJAX-driven components and function to the client side.

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