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If you wish to create an app like Tinder and want to set a new benchmark by using distinctive theory of dating for everybody and an moment for everyone through Online Dating Application Development


Online Dating Application Development Like Tinder

Online dating is a very common concept in the 20's. It has affected our culture and has given the end user various choices, options, details of an individual to distinguish and select between societal duties or his/her own preference of the partner. Online dating is all about the partners that a human is hoping to be with. Online dating is growing as life has become limited to a circle and has become a pigeonhole theory with high trust issues. Online dating is a successful business as well as needed due to the shortage of time and a continuous desire of a human being to be with someone at any moment of life; thus a requirement of easy access and ease use is an added advantage to the business. Here we should discuss the following questions to focus our end user: How to know and search for a healthy and trustworthy relationship through an online dating application? How to know and search for a perfect life partner or a long term friendship through an online dating application?

Well, there is no definite answer to the above but Techno Derivation looks after the requirement and other parameters of security of our clients and end users in the application development. As we know there are two sides of each coin, let’s just focus on the positive outcome. These Online Dating Apps have helped gay community find their match, it helps in removal of loneliness, boredom, takes high roller coaster of hope. The online dating apps help introverts, short tempered, anti-social folks etc. to explore their side of personality through online dating apps. Online dating apps are a small miracle to the big world.

We at Techno Derivation facilitate your company with an outstanding and humane team to build an application with security and credibility for your end user in this era of Tinder, Bumble, Mamba. WE TURN YOUR IDEAS INTO REALITY.

Build Online Dating Application With Premium Features

The online dating application serves to the unique and specific needs of the end user as well as we focus on to propagate high return on investment by your company

We at Techno derivation have an extremely qualified team for development of the application and we have achieved magnificent growth in building the best online dating mobile apps for both national as well as international companies. We adapt fresh techniques and technology integration to develop the online dating application which matches current demands of end users. Our team of qualified professionals build the best online dating application which is highly secure, easy to use and customised as per your preferences. These unique features help your business to make a successful online dating app as it improves the experience through the application and brings immense change in the market.

Techno Derivation focuses on high end updated technology, the application for online dating includes Video Chat, Text Chat, Facebook/Google Sign In, User Settings, Personalized User Interface, Dating tips, Location-based dating apps, Find Profile Match, Online/Offline Access, Abuse Reporting, Emotions/Emojis, Calendar Integration etc. The personnel team are dedicated, rich in experience, well equipped, skilled in delivering the flawless application within the reasonable time as per our valuable client’s specifications and requirements.

Techno Derivation inculcates the lessons of progressive society and manages to bring people together. We have also worked upon new generation requirements like dating apps based on Location, Profession, Age Group, Game Lovers, Widow and LGBT community.

Online Dating Application Development Generic Features

Techno derivation delivers happy clients with integrity, well organised application, trustworthy, secure, updated and profitable business. We do not entertain bugs and provide assistance at your convenience.

Dating App 1


The application includes in-app purchases to access golden trustworthy information of other users, profile verification, passing and delivering any food or groceries, accessing premium accounts etc.

Dating App 2


Generate revenue and build a business model by showing relevant in-app advertisements to your dating site application users. we provide advertisements to promote your application using all available types of advertising: social media advertising; contextual advertising; video advertising; app advertising on GooglePlay and AppleStore; banner advertising. This is an exceptional feature to drive the market.

Dating App 3

Access Control

Login with a facebook or instagram or google email id makes the access to the application private and keeps a check on the information floating online. This helps in finding common interests, nearby friends and easy filling out other information by the user.

Dating App 4

Offline Services

We provide other services which are within the app and customizable at your own preference. This is to bring the end user choose the application over the already known application like Tinder etc and challenge the competitors by doing a successful business. For example: booking a table in the restaurants, providing a taxi facility, providing background checks.

Dating App 5

Special Features

Inclusion of exciting types of text, suggestions, in between promotions and providing a special effect to the application making it trendy. Inclusion of new features after some time which makes a user stick to the application.

Dating App 6

24X7 Support Staff

Responsive team and team work is our focus. The end user and clients have most of our time to be happily engaged with the application.

Dating App 7


We have the most dedicated team, flexible to your choices and extremely credulous professionals to build the most efficient, magnificent, indifferent application to beat the market with our own strategies.

Dating App 8


Making the payments are really easy with us. The development process is reasonable.

Dating App 9


A significant section of knowing the issues faced by our valuable clients and also to acknowledge our efforts to shape an online dating application.

Dating App 10

Analysis of Business

Graphs and tabular study of data from the selection made by people after using the application.

Online Dating Application Dominant Attributes

So, if you wish to create an app like Tinder; you must know the user’s choices. To make an online dating app you must kick start with defining the features. Well, the prerequisite of an application are:

Signin / Registration

Social integration and Login with social media accounts, app integration to collect data for user profiles and matching facebook, instagram login.

User’s Profiles

User accounts with editable information – bio, images, interests, age, sex, etc.

Matching System

Algorithms to match people, to offer possible matches, adjustable settings location, swipe, discovery settings, search filters.

Background Check

Our comprehensive search and technical team works on the user profile verification of furnishing true and correct information.

Push Notifications

Notification and alerts on your mobiles or laptop with little reminders, messages, matches, like interests etc.

Video Calling / Texting

Real Time Chat for users to communicate with each other, often available as a premium (paid) option.

Membership Options

This is not only promoting, monetizing the application but providing an exclusive access to the user and the client to manage the dashboard and access some really beneficial features.


The dating app for professionals comes with multiple payment providers that make it easier for your users to pay for your services. The user can anjoy credit notes in the app and use these earned credits on virtual gifts, memberships, games etc.

Support Staff

We avoid any kind of communication barrier and enhance all the interactive modules for staying connected. Techno Derivation is always present to guide at any time of the day.


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