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Techno derivation is also built as an app like a school management system solution is for students is an application to help in the study for the student. A student is helping to study is anywhere and at any time. While growth in the education industry is ensured that time to opportunity can be multiplied if the technology is properly used. Along with the digitization of the education industry, e-learning is the next big thing that is sure to transform in this industry.Techno derivation realizes the potential of technology in the education and online learning management system, we provide innovative solutions at the very base end. Starting from interactive classrooms to finely shaped, technology-enabled learning methods, we delivered the next generation of learning. With our solutions, you get access to more advanced and innovating methods like remote, mobile learning, better management of institute activities and much more let growing your institute and business.

ERP Software Features

Every institution today has to keep track of all student’s enquiries and leads that are generated. Without software it’s very difficult to manage enquiry and tracking of those leads and most importantly to know the conversion from the source of various sales leads. ZenoxERP makes it easy.

Batch Scheduling is the major headache of training institutes. With ZenoxERP you can easily prepare your Batch Schedule for different courses & modules. The students can be automatically assign to Batch Schedule on basis of Course, Batch selection in admission.

Now a day’s payment through credit card and e-wallets (Paytm, Mobikwik) is the trend. Chances of on-time fees collection higher if card/e-wallet payment facility available. ZenoxERP enables institution to integrate third-party payment gateway in the system. Automatic receipt generation & accounting entry after successful payment is the key features of ERP.

It helps to manage inventory and stock. As an element of material issue, inventory management includes aspects such as controlling and overseeing ordering inventory, storage of inventory, and controlling the amount of product for sale.

Online examination facility for students. Student can give online examination through their Student Portal available in Mobile app or through browser.

Parents will no longer have to stand in lengthy queues to pay children’s fee as ZenoxERP provide online fees payment gateway to make fee payment easier using credit, debit card, netbanking with EMI facility.

Placement module covers creation of Recruiter Company master, Job Opening offer entry, Student can apply for the job through Student app or admin can send resume to Recruiter. SMS and Email facility integrated with Placement module to inform student as well as Recruiter.

Admission is one of the important task for institution. ERP simplify admission process. Admission Management fetures allows you to manage the admissions of all the students easily along with student’s fees details, installment setup and batch scheduling.

ZenoxERP able to add multiple branch/unit for an institutional organization. We have two access group created, one is branch user and other is organization User where branch user has access to own branch and organization User has access to all branches from single login.

Student Attendance is integral part of the daily activity of schools, colleges, classes, and institutes. It facilitates to store attendance of students based on TimeTable in an efficient manner. The various report can be generated based on student attendance. Student Attendance can be viewed by parents in Parents Login Panel.

We often get SMS/email that tells us about offers, ads from various companies. It is done using the bulk email or bulk SMS system. ZenoxERP enables bulk SMS and email facility on almost every transaction/reports to notify to student/parents. Auto SMS facility can be enables in the system to notify on Admission, Enquiry Fees Receipt etc.

ZenoxPro mobile app is designed for students home work assignment, holiday & event. Parents can get progress report of their childrens. They can pay fees online to institute. Mobile app benefits the students/parents to get all the information related to the home assignments, student attendance, fees, notice board, timeTable etc.

Library Management made simple in ZenoxERP. The system helps both students and library manager to keep a constant track of all the books available in the library, issue date, return date etc

Fees collection & Management is the essential need of Educational Institution. ZenoxERP manages fees collection process very easily with advance fees facility and fees receipt printing with barcode facility. It enables automated accounting entries without re-entering financial data into account books.

Timesheet can be logged by the employee at the time of student attendance, hassle-free process to log daily timesheet. Timesheet reports can be used for various purposes like payment of parttime salary, to measure the performance of lecturer, to know the estimated time for portion completion.

When it comes to tracking employees and their attendance, there is no better software for ensuring that the above is accomplished than ZenoxERP. This is because it ensures that it pulls information to the server on a daily basis from the biometric machine of the class.

Expenses records entries gives complete picture of financial health. All facilities of Expenses record and bill payment to vendor available in the system.

You don't need accounting knowledge to use ZenoxERP. You don't have to use any third party software to maintain accounting entries. ZenoxERP work as accountant for you while you use it. In depth accounting from Profit & Loss to balancesheet and Trial Balances. Using ZenoxERP can save your lots of money for book keeping and Accounting jobs. ZnoxERP perfectily manage your business expenses, income, Capital, Bank Book, Cash Book, Receivable, Payables

ZenoxERP has facility to integrate free chat module of tawk.to. Parent/Student can chat with admin using mobile app or parent web portal.

Why Choose Us for School Management Software Solutions


The best and the most important feature of a school management software is that it is easy to use, its user friendly. Using this there are no complications or tough learning to utilise the benefit of a school management software.

Instant Messaging

School management software can be considered as a software working at real time, as even the quickest updates can be sent there at one touch. Even the customers like the parents, kids, staff etc can know about the instant changes or any event taking place within seconds.

Bus Tracking

Under the school management software , safety of the students is also a matter of concern for the school , and therefore it also provides the bus tracking system, where the school buses are tracked by the GPS system. And further ,The buses through that GPS are kept an eye through the control centre, which is again an advantage for the parents to track their kids.


Custom-built by industry experts to manage every aspect of running an Education System for your Business

SMS and Automatic alerts to parent

School administrations can pre-schedule the alerts and they can further be sent to parents automatically. There are even many more features of School management software which can be used, and can make the work of an institution easy.


School management software can be completely customised according to the need of the school or institute. It is actually tailor made and changes can be made according to the need of the organization.

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