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Cryptocurrency is changing the recent economic scenery – and it set to be the most important financial revolution of the coming years. It is slowly becoming the mode of transactions for several businesses – including numerous business requirements like a transaction, tokenization online investment, and much more.we provide the best cryptocurrency development services with our experienced in-house professionals and popular block-chain network.

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Looking to create your own cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for your business? We have the best experts in the industry to provide you with the best cryptocurrency development and related service. Our team of in-house experts will support your project in all phases of cryptocurrency development – right from the onset of initial discussion, development of the proof-of-concept, development of the pilot project, to the final cryptocurrency development.

With our professional, customized and industry – topping cryptocurrency services, you will always keep your competition behind you. We combine our expertise with the most modern developments in modern tools and serve our global clients – solving their complex issues and satisfying their every blockchain needs easily – making us the most recommended concern among the big players of the Blockchain industry. We have decades of experience working in this sector, have served hundreds of customer, and have completed thousands of projects. You can rely on us, without any problem.


Cryptocurrency Development Services

We cover all the related domains of the blockchain technology and provide comprehensive digital currency solutions to our clients.


Our cryptocurrency development team is providing wide-ranging wallet development services for the web as well as mobile platform. We also customize these services according to any particular need of the client.


MLM software or multi-level marketing software is utilized in the running of multi-level marketing industries. Our MLM software is designed for the fresh entrepreneurs and it aids in managing all the aspects - from inventory to distribution, to marketing, and more. Our smart Multi-level marketing software helps corporations achieve, govern, and consolidate their business easily.


Looking to generate capital by creating cryptocoins and selling them for investment. Our team has experienced technicians with solid knowledge in this field – so we can solve any issue regarding ICO development.


We provide the most comprehensive blockchain services for our clients. Our learned technicians can easily customize and design the programs according to the particular need of the client. Our feature-packed made-to-order blockchain projects help to boost data security, cut data storage cost, broad process automation, exclude replication of data, and reduce time.


Our teams design a complete, task-driven approach for any token development job – starting from selecting the appropriate blockchain, creating the internal framework of the blockchain, and guarantee the organization of management to ensure the integrity of the development of crypto tokens. Our concern has extensive practical experience to handle every step from idea development, marketing, and token launch – which enables us to serve our clients situated in a wide range of industries


Crypto coins are on the way to replace paper cash from the global financial industry and redesigning our financial transaction. Be the leader among the future businesses by leveraging the benefits of digital currencies through cryptocurrency coin development. We design our cryptocurrency coins to reduce settlement time, do away with the middleman, and enriching the security aspects – allowing for their establishment as a cornerstone of more protected, speedy and clear transactions.


Dealing within different cryptocurrencies has never been easier. With our most secure and multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange app – you can now trade between different cryptocurrencies without any risk. Our app also reports on the changes in cryptocurrency rates – so you do not miss out on the deserving value.


At Techno Derivation Pvt. Ltd, we have provided cryptocurrency mining services for many years and diverse clients. We have extensive cryptocurrency ties with crypto mining farms and communities on a global scale. Our current farms can design, implement, manage, and maintain itself. Our expert team can configure the mining systems for the highly productive and profitable cryptocurrency farms.


We provide exceptional expertise and practical know-how on the building of secure platforms for Bitcoin trading, reconciliation and clearing – which also applies foe other digital assets. Our proficient Bitcoin software development team can create secure and decentralized Bitcoin applications – including Bitcoin and blockchain services, Bitcoin payment gateway, Bitcoin API Integration, Bitcoin miner development, Bitcoin wallet development, and several more.

Cryptocurrency Development Platform

Our proficient and experienced digital team can manage and work in several cryptocurrency environments with extensive security.

Ready to Get Started for Custom Cryptocurrency Development ?

Engage in the newly budding financial revolution by developing your own custom cryptocurrency. We can assist you in doing so by providing the most modern tools, staffs with extensive experience, and a wide variety of cryptocurrency to choose from. We assure that our proficient team members will remain with you until the project is successfully completed and the system has become fully operational.

Due to the security, ease of transaction, and decentralization of applications – cryptocurrencies are deemed as the modes of financial transaction for the future. Therefore, if you wish to generate digital supremacy in your particular area, and have a pre-exposure to a novel and functional currency management system – it is better to develop ones’ own cryptocurrency. We will be present for the whole time – from the creation of the idea to the fianal establishment of the system. Contact us to know our different plans and their costs.

How We Create Your Own Cryptocurrency ?

We employ the most secure and functional digital resources and rely on the extensive practical experience of our professional digital team to create the most interesting cryptocurrency.

Ideation & Whitepaper Creation

Our proficient blockchain expert team discusses and perform extensive brainstorming session with the clients to determine the most applicable version to present in the whitepaper.

ICO Marketing & Dashboard Setup

Developing a responsive investor dashboard setup to boost up the community support through different social media platforms like Reddit, Steemit, Twitter Telegram, and Facebook.

Initial Coin Offering Open to All

Starting the Pre-ICO and ICO in scheduled countdown interludes so that the buyer commit investment amount that you specify and are permitted to buy the coins/token at a price that you govern.

Wallet Setup & Coin Drop

Our proficient team members drops the assigned and subscribed amount of coins/tokens to the investors’ white-labeled web and mobile wallets. We create the wallet to be the most secure and update the required amount properly.

Why Choose Cryptocurrency Development Services From Techno Derivation?

We are one of the most recommended companies for development of cryptocurrency. Apart from getting the expertise from our proficient technicians’ team, and access to the most sophisticated digital assets.

Complete Crypto Solutions

We offer an extensive and comprehensive list of crypto solutions to our clients. Starting from ideation, designing the framework, to final establishment – we can create and provide Bitcoin and blockchain services, Bitcoin payment gateway, Bitcoin API Integration, and other significant services.

Focus on security features

We place immense importance on the security features of our cryptocurrency projects so that the financial transactions are secure from other external malicious attacks. Our team implements the most extensive security features to our every project.

Free Consultation

We provide charge-free consultation services to our clients. Our team of professionals are always ready to answer any of the queries, and keep assisting the clients till the completion of the project.

Supreme Confidentiality

We keep the utmost confidence of our clients. Our clients enjoy supreme confidentiality in each of their projects – and we keep the specific development of their project discrete from the other clients.

24x7 availability and customer support

Our officials are available round-the-clock to answer all the queries from the clients. We have several professional experts in place to provide all the required customer services.

Proficiency in Cryptocurrency

We have dedicated and expert teams of professionals with wide-ranging proficiency in all related blockchain matters. Our in-house experts are always ready to solve any problem the client faces.

Dedicated Team of Developers with technical expertise

We have a compact team of professional experts dedicated to their specific projects with practical experience and technical expertise.

Most Competitive Prices

We offer several comprehensive plans at the most reasonable price range to our clients. If you are a starting a new company or already have an established concern – you can find the most appropriate plan in our price list.

We've Provided More Services Too

NFTs are digital crypto tokens with unique identification codes and metadata separate from other NFTs. It is also helpful in identifying and ascertaining ownership.

The literary meaning of ‘fungible’ means ‘exchangeable.’ Other crypto tokens are exchangeable because they have the same value. The unique specification and standards ensure that NFTs remain non-exchangeable.

The cost of NFT depends on the platform’s wealth and the type of asset it wants to deal with.

Products of our multifaceted NFT Development Services are successfully utilized in NFT Marketplace Development, NFT domain Specific Platform Development including sports, games, art, artifacts and domains, NFT Game Development, NFT Token Development, and other facets.
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