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Taxi booking apps like Uber are garnering the attention of masses away from the traditional taxi services. Techno Derivation has a experienced team of professional developers to make provide the readymade solutions not just to the taxi riders but also, to the taxi drivers.

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Techno Derivation, the premier taxi booking app development company in Jaipur, India, excels in software development, website design, travel booking software, and a plethora of innovative solutions. With a strong focus on delivering exceptional quality, our team is committed to transforming your ride-hailing business. Our extensive expertise encompasses a wide range of services including software and website development, travel booking software with support API, eCommerce shopping portals, customized software solutions, and more. Backed by an incomparable track record, we specialize in providing seamless solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Elevate your business to new heights with Techno Derivation, including the development of the NYC Taxi App, and experience the difference of unparalleled excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Payment Modes

Online Payment Gateway options lets your users make payments right away via their credit or Debit cards

Push Notifications

Users can receive alerts about the driver’s location, trip fares, and other information related to their ride.

Scheduled Rides

Passengers can book rides for a later time and the notifications will be sent automatically to the drivers

Estimated Time of Arrival

With the help of ETA, users can know the exact time the driver will take to pick them up from their location.

Promo Codes

Users can use special promo codes during rides and share them with their friends. This feature can help you bring vitality to your app.

Ride History

Passengers can view their ride history and can keep a track of all the rides they have previously made.

Our Insight Taxi App Solutions Panels

Profile Management

Customer can edit their Profile information like Name, Email and Phone Number.

Ride Now

User can book the cab immediately, and ride for the shorter distance

Mode of Payment

Our Stripe Payment Gateway lets your users make payments right away via their credit or debit cards.

Schedule Ride

Customer can schedule the ride for their future date and time.

Number Verification

To send and receive confirmation, it is essential to send the OTP on the verified Mobile number.

Real-Time Updates

Via Push notification, SMS, Email, passengers are able to get the real-time updates like driver to arrive, booking of a cab.

Easy Cancellation

Customer can cancel the booking anytime before boarding by entering a reason.

Real Time Status

Customer can see the status of the Trip in real time without any time delay.

Trip History

Customer will have an option to see the ride history.

Book For Other

Users can book the cab facility for others also for their friends and family.

Vehicle selection

Users can book the cab facility for others also for their friends and family.

Accept/Reject ride requests

After the driver receives the ride request, he/she can review the trip details and accept or reject the same in a limited period.

Availability status

The user-friendly feature allows drivers to set their status as “active,” “inactive,” or “busy” anytime with ease.

Contact rider

The app enables drivers to contact passengers for purposes such as directions to the pickup location, destination details, and others.

Rate passengers

Similar to riders rating drivers for the trip, drivers can also rate their passengers after the completion of the journey.

Real-time ride requests

The app updates drivers with real-time updates with regards to ride requests, pickup location, drop off location and others.

Start the trip

Before commencing a ride, drivers require to tap “Start trip” button. By doing so, the driver will view the detailed navigation to the destination.

Ride history

In chronological order, the driver can view the ride details he/she has completed in a day or week or even months.


The advanced navigation guides drivers with picking-up passengers from their current location and dropping them off to their desired destination.

Easy Login Registration

Customer can register and login in to the taxi app using his mobile number.

Secure Details

Admin secures the details of the user and driver, name, address, contact info.

Driver Management

Drivers workflow has been managed by the Admin, as to sign up of driver, review, and rating etc.

Track Drivers

View and track of drive and provide the accurate location on the map is done by the admin.

Customer Management

Admin manage all the registered details and workflow of the customers in the proper manner.

Manage Vehicles

The details of vehicles are managed by the admin for the security purpose.

Manage Categories

Admin uses to manage and add the categories which will be integrated into the app.

Manage Commissions

Admin manages the commission of the drivers and pays them on time.

Manage Refunds

Refunds to the customer and driver of the taxi app are managed by the admin.

Offer Creation

Refunds to the customer and driver of the taxi app are managed by the admin.

Fare Rate Management

Refunds to the customer and driver of the taxi app are managed by the admin.

Ride Passes

Issue ride passes that for offers multiple rides at discounted rates.

Pickup Suggestions

Passengers get smart suggestions to choose faster pickup points near them.

Split Fare

Passengers can easily share costs with their friends and colleagues for shared trips.

Call Bookings

Integrate customer booking requests through calls with your dispatch system.

Driver Accounts

Driver income reports, encash requests, admin approvals and bank transfers.

Driver Destinations

Driver can opt once or twice a day to for a preferred direction trip.

Business Profile

Option to set up a separate profile for business travel and expense management.

In-app chat

Allow passengers and drivers to chat with support from within the apps.

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Trucking & Logistics App

Build an on-demand truck booking app that will allow users to book a single truck of a fleet of them for their logistic purposes.

Carpooling App

Empower economical and environmental friendly rides by launching your own branded carpooling apps.

Hire A Bike

Launch an app that works wonder for both bike riders and users, where bikers can earn and users can take fun of cheap rides in short time.

Ships & Cruises

Bring an automation and efficiency in your ship or cruise company by launching a branded app that will help you get royal customers and expand your offerings worldwide.

Crane Operators

Now crane operators can expand their business by customized apps and keep an eye on their crane operations moving worldwide.

Towing Service Providers

Build a bespoke app for towing agencies that helps them in locating towing vehicles

On Demand Autos

Launch an auto booking app for users that help auto drivers to drive more business.

Bus Booking

An on-demand bus booking app that allows users to book seats or entire buses for their personal/professional purposes.


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